Backyard Home Staging

Staging A BackyardReal estate professionals and home decorating experts advise homeowners to focus on details such as de-cluttering, neutralizing interior color schemes and making sure that first impression from the curb draws buyers in. In a competitive real estate market home sale preparation and staging become critical to a home sellers success! Attention to details must not stop at the back door, though.

Stepping into a backyard space with personality and potential for entertaining, relaxing and spending time with family can seal the deal when it comes to selling your house. A fantastic backyard is like an after-dinner mint: It doesn’t make the meal better, but it certainly leaves a nice taste in your mouth.

It’s time to get out the paint brushes, hand tools and landscaping equipment. For the past 25 months, pending home sales have exceeded “year-ago” numbers, the National Association of Realtors reports. May statistics showed pending contracts at the highest rate in more than six years. The remaining summer months give homeowners time to get the yard in shape for an early fall listing, or be better prepared for a future home sale.

Start with the Deck

Charge up the portable screw driver the night before you start your backyard projects. You might need a full day’s charge, depending on how long it has been since you last checked your fencing and decking.

The deck or landing at the back door is a great place to start with backyard renovations. Replace or repair any damaged slats. Power wash surfaces to remove built-up and grime, and remove loose or chipping paint. Tighten all loose screws, and reset rising nails on the deck, railings and support beams.

Refinish surface areas. While varnish and traditional stains hold up longer than some new green alternatives, there are great stains with lower volatile organic compounds that meet the three-year standard.

Eaves and Awnings

Use a water hose and extension sprayer to clean the eaves and gutters. Don’t forget the underneath side of umbrellas, awnings and structural overhang components. Get rid of cobwebs, insect nests and other debris in corners immediately before every showing, if possible.

Gardens and Landscaping

If you don’t already own a lawn trimmer, consider a light-weight model. Models with easy start features and accessories to make lawn clean-up easy, such as Husqvarna brand trimmers, save time and energy.

Check with your local nursery to find out the best time to fertilize your lawn and garden. If your lawn has numerous bald or brown spots, you might consider re-seeding or patch replacement to return your lawn to a full, lush covering. Large shade trees are beautiful in the summer, but drop their leaves in the fall. Consider using a leaf blower before showings—a narrow-tipped blower helps with cleaning nooks and eaves’ corners, too.

Furniture and Fixtures

Add splashes of color to your backyard furniture with soft, comfy pillows to create an interesting and welcoming gathering spot. Add flowering plants in containers with varied textures and heights. Have a grill? Make sure it’s clean, inside and out.

Treat your backyard as the main bonus room. Inviting outdoor spaces ensure buyers see potential from curb to alley. Do all of these things and you are more than likely going to have a backyard that buyers will feel right at home. Keep in mind that staging your homes exterior can sometimes be just as important as a sparkling interior!

Have tips for how to improve your backyard before a showing? Share them in the comments.

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