How to Prepare For A Home Inspection

How to prepare for a home inspectionIn real estate how to prepare for a home inspection should be one of the most important considerations from a seller’s standpoint. Why you ask? It is one of the biggest hurdles to get past in a transaction. In fact, the home inspection is the number one reason why many sales never make it to the closing table. Over my twenty six year career of being a Realtor I can say with certainty there is nothing more contentious in a real estate sale than negotiating a home inspection.

Depending on whether it is a buyer’s or seller’s market can be a huge factor in what the buyer can and will ask a seller to either remedy or provide a credit for repair. The market will almost certainly have an effect on what the seller will be willing to address. Of course when it is a seller’s market it is much easier for a seller to get away with taking care of far fewer of the buyer’s requests. Unfortunately the market may not always be in the seller’s favor.

When the real estate market is challenging and seller’s are fighting for the chance to land a buyer it makes sense to make sure your home is in tip top shape. If you are aware of simple defects that can be fixed, why not take care of them? When it is readily apparent that a home has not been well taken care of it makes it a lot harder to clear the home inspection hurdle.

As a seller if you are aware of the items that are most often flagged at a home inspection, you will be well armed to fix those trouble spots prior to your home being listed for sale. The link above will take you to a very comprehensive article on how to prepare for a home inspection. You will discover some of the things that are found at the majority of all home inspections. With this information in hand you can best prepare your home to pass without a hitch!

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