Increasing a Homes Value

Increase a homes valueIf you’re preparing to put your home on the market, you’re probably frantically running around trying to get everything in order. From finding the right agent, to showing the home, to holding open houses, you’ve got a lot on your plate. While we’re beginning to see a turnaround in the real estate market, you’ve probably seen your property value increase slightly compared to evaluations in the past five years. However, you still might not be satisfied with the price your real estate agent wants to list for the place you’ve called home.

Luckily, there are a wide variety of home upgrades you can make to increase your property value even more. Some require some elbow grease – or a professional installation – but many homeowners can expect to recover at least 80% of the cost they put into updating and remodeling their homes prior to listing for sale.

Unfortunately, not every homeowner or real estate agent knows the best ways of improving your home. Simply throwing thousands of dollars into upgrades and renovation won’t necessarily yield the results you’re hoping for. Here are some of the ways you can increase your property value before placing your home on the market.

Open It Up

Take a look around your home and take note of the size of your shared rooms – living, family, dining and kitchen – and also be aware of the natural light in each. If you realize your home consists of several smaller rooms that have a limited amount of natural lighting, think about knocking down a wall or two to create a more welcoming area.

There has been a growing trend amongst families to seek out homes with what I call the “everything” room. These spaces consist of the kitchen, family room and dining room all being within the same space, providing a lighter feel to the area and a less formal vibe. Not only does opening up these rooms into one mega-room allow more natural light into your home, but it also creates an illusion of your home being larger than it actually is. This can become a wonderful selling point for any potential buyers who like to host parties and family gatherings, as your prospective buyers can entertain while cooking for the party.

Take Extra Precaution

As someone who has had her home broken into by burglars, I know firsthand just how much comfort and peace of mind a home security system can bring a homeowner or potential buyer. As a homeowner, you’re tasked with protecting your investment, as well as your family and possessions.

One way to provide yourself with additional protection against would-be criminals, you can install a complete home security system. Home alarm systems are typically less expensive than most homeowners anticipate, combining a small installation fee and a manageable monthly expense. Having that keypad by the front entry of your home is a great visual aesthetic that provides the potential buyer with a feeling that you took care of your home and did what you could to protect it. Having a home security system will also in most instances provide a reduction in your home insurance bill as well.

Another great upgrade to consider is to install security cameras before you list your home. Installing security cameras around your property provides your potential buyers with an added level of security, allowing you and whoever buys your home the ability to view your home’s perimeter at all times. Many of the newer systems available allow you to stream your footage to your personal computer, laptop, or even a tablet. This eliminates the need to purchase an additional monitor to view your live feed, and is a great technological selling point. Take things one step further by installing motion-detecting flood lights and further deter burglars from picking you as their latest victim, while illuminating anything and everything within your camera’s view.

Improve Curb Appeal

The old adage about our first impressions meaning everything extends far beyond meeting people for the first time. If your home and front lawn don’t look well-kept, you’re asking your prospective buyers not to get out of their car to view your home. You can go with a simple, clean and neat look with a freshly mowed and edged yard. Or, swing for the fences with various bushes, trees and flowers to add a touch of character to your front yard.

Before you hold an open house, do a thorough inspection of the exterior of your home. Walk around and look for areas where paint is chipping off your siding, or where it simply looks faded. If you have window shutters, are they all properly attached and straight? Are there any gaps in your walkways or driveway where weeds have taken root? If so, grab your weed killer and spray them away. If your backyard and patio look bare, pick up some patio furniture that is fitting for your space. Go the extra mile with a small water feature or fire bowls, and you’ll find yourself selling the nicest home on the block.

Want to make absolutely certain you do everything possible to give yourself the best chance of having successful real estate sale? Here are some additional h0me selling tips that if followed will ensure you are a happy camper looking at the sold sign in your yard! Real Estate sales is not rocket science as long as you are completely prepared for what lies ahead.

Rachael Jones is a blogger for DIYMother, where women aren’t afraid to use power tools in a dress.

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