Interview Questions For RealtorsOne of the things that amazes me having been a Realtor for the past twenty five plus years is how lackadaisical so many sellers are when it comes to choosing a real estate agent to work with. For most people a home is one of their largest assets. You would think that since selling a home is such a huge financial decision that more effort would be placed into making a great selection.

The problem is so many think that all real estate agents do the same thing to sell homes. This unfortunately could not be further than the truth. In any business there are those that are shining stars and others who are not.

One of the most unfortunate parts of the real estate industry is the ease at which you are able to enter the field. A new real estate agent basically has to study for a test, take it and pass. Presto you now can call yourself a real estate agent.  The craziest thing about getting a real estate license is just about anyone can do it. The real estate test is not all that hard to pass. With the barriers to entry in the field being what they are it is hard to expect the industry to be full of top notch professionals.

Trust me when I tell you it is not. I deal with incompetence on a daily basis. That is not to say there are not some truly fantastic Realtors. There certainly are it is just a question of finding and using one.

So how to you go about doing that? The best way to do it is to ask sound real estate interview questions. Asking these questions of the Realtor you are considering working with will be a tremendous help in not making a mistake. Like any other business a track record of success is a good indicator of what the likely outcome of future business will bring.

These interview questions for Realtors are bound to make an agent who is unseasoned very uncomfortable. The bottom line is you stand a much better chance of being a happy home seller!

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