Cozy KitchenFamilies love the euphoric feelings of eating good food and being together. As a communal space where family and friends gather to cook, eat and entertain, warm and inviting kitchens are the best. If your kitchen feels stark and lacks personality, updated decor or a little remodeling project can transform your kitchen into a personal, cozy retreat.

Embark on your kitchen’s aesthetic transformation with the following design tips:

Go Rustic

There’s something warm and welcoming about an interior-design theme that’s rustic and vintage. Distressed oak wood flooring and antique worn cabinets create a comforting ambience that complements home-cooked meals and recipes for baked goods passed on from generations. To achieve a farmhouse kitchen design, integrate a standalone woodstove or firebox. Create a rustic focal point in your kitchen with a salvaged wood kitchen island from Restoration Hardware or a Pottery Barn Benchwright Bench with a rustic mahogany stain to match a bold industrial dining table.

Bring in Sunlight

Warm sunshine and vitamin D dramatically enhance the moods of a space. Stylish solar shades provide the flexibility of inviting natural elements into your home or creating complete privacy by easily rolling up and down. If you want the design of your kitchen to focus on the beauty of sunlight, try decorating with yellow accents. Choose creamy solid yellow curtains or soft yellow drapes with a charming floral pattern to hang in your kitchen. Display artificial lemons in a royal blue dish as a kitchen table or countertop centerpiece. Keep an eye out for other ornamental elements, such as hanging tea cups and kitchen appliances, in canary yellow or rich gold.

Integrate Alfresco Elements

A touch of nature can have a calming effect on an interior space. Keep a vase with fresh flowers on the shelf under your kitchen window, or install a shelf over your window for a row of plants. Giving special attention to place settings and dinner presentations can also enhance the mood of a space. Incorporate earthy elements as you set your kitchen table for dinner. Serve twig-designed silver flatware from West Elm or fill jars with acorns or holly to set on a table as a seasonal accent.

Personalize the Space

One of the best ways to create a homey and comfortable kitchen is to add in elements of decor that are meaningful and personal. Focus on special possessions that are familial. Adorn a vacant wall with black and white portraits of travels or your family in black frames of different sizes. Hang a slew of frames vertically and horizontally to create a clustered eye-catching wall mural. Install open shelving to display family heirlooms or antiques such as porcelain china dinnerware or cookbooks passed on from generation to generation.

Introduce Color

Nothing creates character and drama for a remodeled space more than introducing pops of color. From painting an accent wall in a bold hue to focusing on a color scheme, decorating with color that resonates with you creates a heart-warming ambiance and sharable environment. Look for small design opportunities for adding color to your kitchen.

Placing floor rugs in a bright and colorful pattern around your kitchen and underneath your table will emanate throughout the entire space. Kitchen appliances, tools and accessories are also options for creating splashes of color. Install wall shelves for stacking whimsical coffee mugs and tea cups, vintage water glasses and other colorfully euphoric decorations.

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