Home Improvements During A Move

Home Improvements During A MoveThe to-do list during a move is long enough. Most residents have a hard enough time balancing the mental, physical and financial hurdles associated with a move. Few have time to step back and consider potential upgrades for their new home. Whether you install a security system or remove popcorn ceilings, pre-move in upgrades can add value to your home and enhance your life.

If all goes well, you’ll enjoy your new residence for years to come.

Add A Security System

Even with rapid advancements in the home security industry, most Americans don’t have a security system. AT&T Mobility and Consumer Markets President and CEO Ralph de la Vega noted that just 20 percent of homes have security systems, citing an article by New York Times. Even if nothing ever sets off your home security, the property (value) boost and peace of mind it provides offsets the costs.

Security companies can offer various levels of protection, including home surveillance, motion detection and mobile alerts, but these services are expensive and possibly out of the price range for the average mover. Luckily, other options have emerged. As SecurityCompanies.com notes, DIY systems, offer wireless protection at a discounted cost. Basic do-it-yourself kits start as low as $100. They don’t offer all of the bells and whistles of conventional security systems, but even a little security can go a long way.

Remove the Popcorn Ceilings

If your home is built before 1980, you’re probably familiar with the bumpy surface known as popcorn ceiling. Between 1950 and 1980, homeowners turned to this unsightly material to cover ceiling blemishes. Today, popcorn ceilings drive property values down and endanger residents. A few able-bodied workers can remove popcorn ceiling from a home in a day at little or no cost. All you need are a few water sprayers, putty knives and ladders. Spray the surface with water to remove popcorn surface. Scrape the surface to remove the unwanted material. If properly soaked, the popcorn should come off in large sheets.

IMPORTANT: Before you start, submit a popcorn ceiling sample for lab testing. Some of this material contains asbestos. If the sample comes back clear, continue with the project. If not, consult a professional.

Add Ceiling Fans

Modern properties provide the comforts of home while remaining energy efficient. A classic home appliance can do both while boosting your property value. Ceiling fans offer cheap air conditioning. It usually costs $1-$4 to run an AC unit for an entire day. That amounts to $30-$120 for the month. A ceiling fan, on the other hand, can run for six hours a day and total $0.90 for the month. The average ceiling fan costs less than $100, and handy homeowners can handle this project. Lowes has a handy guide for reference.

Paint a New Coat

A new coat of paint can give even the dingiest fixer-upper a fresh new feel. Real-estate firm HomeGain reports that the average price to interior walls ranges from $500 to $750, while that new paint job increases the value of a home by $1,500 to $2,000. Many homeowners give up on the chance for a new paint job by moving their stuff too soon and increasing the hassle. An empty house is the ideal state for a new paint job. Start with a fresh coat before you move and you’ll increase the value of your home while livening the walls. ScotchBlue Painter’s Tape is your greatest ally when tackling corners and edges.

Check the Outlets

Unless you just finished building your house, chances are that new place isn’t perfect. Whether it’s a hole in the wall of a bum outlet, small problems gain a little bigger when you add all of your possessions. Avoid a subtle inconvenience by checking all of the outlets before you move in. A dead outlet can compromise appliances is the kitchen or lighting in the living room. It’ll be easier to fix if you catch it when the house is empty.

Waterproof Your Home

Consider this potential nightmare: You’re enjoying the comforts of your new home when a storm hits and water starts leaking through the basement floor. Waterproofing a basement is not something you are going to want to think about after you have already moved in! Taking care of a water problem before it impacts your home is a great move.

Maybe you noticed an old stain on the ceiling near a skylight. The last thing you want is to come home to a house that has a water issue. It may not be your first on your list, but make it a priority to waterproof your home during the move. Search for cracks in the ceiling and replace old seals on your doors. If the gutters are hanging off the edge of the house, it may be time to upgrade. Planning ahead of water is a very smart move as it can cost countless thousands in damages if not addressed.

These are just a few of the home improvements you should consider when making a move!

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